Mobile Home Re-Leveling An Investment in the Life of Your Home

Don't "Settle" for Cracks A Structural Problem May Be the Cause

If you have noticed cracks in your walls, separation at drywall joints, or doors that are hanging unevenly, your home may be trying to tell you something. Manufactured homes are particularly prone to settling—especially if they were not placed on a concrete foundation to begin with. Over time, settling can cause these blemishes on the interior or exterior of a home, but the problem is much more than cosmetic. 

Mobile home re-leveling is the only solution for a manufactured home that has become unlevel. By correcting the structural issues involved with settling, re-leveling helps the home retain its value longer and prevents further cosmetic damage.

See Our Work for Yourself!

Check out the before and after views of this manufactured home, which we re-leveled and remodeled. 

Use the slider to see before and after pictures of this manufactured home, which was moved and remodeled inside and out.

Protects Value

Mobile home re-leveling stabilizes your home and prevents it from further structural damage that will decrease the home's value. 

Looks Better

Most of our clients have not noticed their homes sinking and shifting over time, but they are amazed at the difference once the home has been re-leveled!

Saves Money

A manufactured home that stays level has fewer costs of upkeep and a much longer lifespan than a home that is not well maintained. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Home Re-Leveling

Making structural changes to your home can be a challenging and scary experience. That's why it's so important to enlist the help of mobile home maintenance and repair professionals who have experience re-leveling mobile and manufactured homes. We've been re-leveling homes for years and are here to answer any questions you have about the process. 

Generally speaking, we encourage homeowners to have their mobile and manufactured homes re-leveled or at least inspected once per year. Ultimately, there are many factors that contribute to a home becoming unlevel, so no two homes will need re-leveling on the same consistent schedule. 

We offer free inspections and with a short review of your home can tell you whether your home needs to be re-leveled. 

The cost of leveling a manufactured home depends largely on its size, the type of foundation, and the age of the home. When you contact us about mobile home re-leveling, we'll ask you some questions about your home and give you a ballpark price. 

While we love to hear that homeowners want to take a more active role in maintaining their property, home re-leveling is one of those projects for which you really need a professional. Experienced home re-leveling companies like ours have professional-grade tools like hydraulic jacks and water levels that are essential to properly leveling a home. More importantly, however, is the fact that home leveling can be extremely dangerous if not done correctly. 

We offer competitive pricing for home re-leveling, so please consider calling us before attempting a DIY home re-leveling.

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Look for These Signs To See If Your Home Needs Re-Leveling

Does your manufactured home need to be re-leveled? Keep an eye out for these common signs that a home is becoming unlevel: 

Outdoor Signs

  • Bent Siding

  • Loose or Shifting Deck

  • Cracked or Warped Skirting

  • Visually Leaning Structure

  • Damaged Attached Structures

Indoor Signs

  • Jammed Doors

  • Uneven or Creaky Flooring

  • Stuck Windows

  • Cracked Walls & Ceilings

  • Slanted Cabinets or Countertops